Criminal charges do not come any more serious than homicide. If you have been arrested in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area for homicide, you need a legal defense team that takes these charges with serious, aggressive, and winsome character.

This is what we are known for at Hawkins Law Office: client commitment, comprehensive knowledge of criminal law, and a record of results in a variety of homicide charges including:

  • First-Degree Murder (Premeditated)
  • Second-Degree Murder (Intentional)
  • Third-Degree Murder (Without Intent)
  • First- and Second-Degree Manslaughter
  • Criminal Vehicular Homicide

We will perform the best quality work on your behalf, inside or away from the courtroom. Hawkins' instincts, investigative connections, deep belief in the criminal justice system, and 24/7 accessibility to you and your family can only benefit you in your trial.

You need the integrity, proven efforts, and resources of Hawkins Law Office, P.A. in your corner.

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