Eric Hawkins, at his office, the Calhoun Building located in uptown on Hennepin.

When you're facing court or charges, you have to ask yourself if the lawyer who is representing you is qualified. You have to ask if the lawyer has won cases. You have to ask if they can represent you with the best an attorney can offer. 


Eric Hawkins, P.A. 

Ethical,  Aggressive Private Attorney

University of Minnesota Law School | Juris Doctorate

University of California at Berkeley | Bachelor of arts, legal studies

Not only does Eric have the academic background to bolster his practice, but he also delivers incredible results at trial and in the courtroom.

In the legal world, Eric is a rockstar. An elder colleague of Eric's commended him upon his victory in using a pivotal defense argument, to which the colleague said "Congratulations Eric — only four cases in the history of Minnesota have successfully been argued using the tactic you have -- well done." The breadth of Eric's knowledge comes from the expansive types of cases he handled throughout.

After graduating from the prestigious U of M Law School Eric began serving as law clerk for a Hennepin County District Court Judge in downtown Minneapolis, then later he served as Assistant Ramsey County Attorney where Eric worked as a prosecutor on behalf of the State, trying every sort of charge from low-level to the highest degree crimes. You want someone who has been on the other side, the prosecution— someone who has intimate knowledge of prosecution strategies that may be used against you.

Eric transitioned to criminal defense as a public defender for two years with Anoka County. He progressed quickly to the Adult Felony Division, and then moved to Hennepin County for three more years of criminal defense as a public defender with the Adult Felony Trial Team at the Hennepin County Public Defender’s Office in downtown Minneapolis. 

After years of public service conducting intensive criminal defense work, ranging from DWIs to Fraud to Homicide, Eric started a private criminal defense practice, and has a tremendous record.

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Bau handles the day to day operations as a certified paralegal. She's friendly and is happy to talk with you.

Bau handles the day to day operations as a certified paralegal. She's friendly and is happy to talk with you.

Bau Yang

Knowledgeable, Helpful Business Manager

certified paralegal

Metropolitan state university | bachelor of arts, legal studies

Bau Yang is a certified paralegal who orchestrates everything in the office from typical business management, scheduling consultations, to client relations. 

She works closely with Eric on every case, so whenever a client has a question for an attorney she will be able to assist. She has years of experience working in the legal profession with positions ranging from Paralegal, to New Claim Coordinator, to Associate Director and Programs Coordinator. She is also fluent in both English and Hmong.

Bau is known by our clients as being both the friendly voice who answers the phone, and also the detail-oriented and empathetic voice who can answer their questions.

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Titus Kennedy, at the  Calhoun Building , Hawkins Law Office, P.A.

Titus Kennedy, at the Calhoun Building, Hawkins Law Office, P.A.

Titus Kennedy

Director, User Experience and Communications

Minnesota state university | master of arts, english, ux

bethel university | bachelor of arts, communication design

Titus is a professional user experience designer and technologist, so when it comes to understanding your needs as a client or potential client, Titus is most definitely listening, intently.

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Varying with need, Law Clerks join the Hawkins Law Office, P.A. team periodically.

Varying with need, Law Clerks join the Hawkins Law Office, P.A. team periodically.

Law Clerk

Intelligent, Dependable Juris Doctorate

bar certified attorney at law

Eric Hawkins typically connects with several law clerks, and expands his staffing needs as client needs dictate.

A Law Clerk is an attorney who provides direct assistance and counsel to a judge in making legal determinations, and in writing opinions by researching issues before the court.

The types of talent that Eric seeks in the clerks he works with on a regular basis are of the finest academic pedigree and real-life experience.